Sex Advice – Here Are 5 Mistakes 75% Of Men Make That Cause Them To Be Really Bad In Bed

In this article you will discover some important sex advice. We are going to talk about 5 big mistakes that 75% of men make that cause them to be really bad in bed."YES", really, that many men absolutely suck in the bedroom.That's why so many women get bored of sex and stop wanting it... because the sex they are getting is lame.The first piece of sex [...]

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How to Give the Best Cunnilingus – Oral Sex Stimulation Targeting Vibratory-Nerve Receptors

There are many methods and techniques utilized in the art of cunnilingus (oral stimulation of the vulva - a woman's external genitalia) that affect women in different [...]

Top 10 Hilarious Jokes

Top 10 Most Funny Jokes1- Animal JokeThe front door was accidentally left open and our dog was gone. After unsuccessfully whistling and calling, my husband got in the car [...]